Integrated Hair Enhancer

The integrated enhancement also known as a mesh integration system is a more semi-permanent solution to mask hair loss. The enhancement is carefully placed so that it covers the specific area of hair loss. A fine breathable mesh is placed on the head and your existing bio hair is then integrated through. Small connections are then attached to keep the enhancement in place (medical tape or adhesive may have to be applied in some cases). A realistic parting and replacement hair is then ready to be attached. Your hair enhancement will then be cut and styled to your preference. Maintenance is required every 4 - 6 weeks.

Alopecia Patches


Alopecia patches can be custom made to cover up specific areas. I can match your desired length and colour. They are applied using a mesh base and connections or medical adhesive. (please note you will require at least 2 inches of hair growth)

Maintenance will be required every 4 weeks.

 Wigs & Toppers


I can custom make and source wigs and toppers on request. A full consultation will be required to discuss measurements, colours, style, density etc.

Hair Extensions

I offer hair extensions to create the appearance of volume and length. 

Maintenance is required between 6 - 8 weeks depending on various factors And the method you choose.

Please note I do not fit over 125g in weight.

HD Volume Weave

HD Mesh Weave

Tape In Hair

Nano Extensions

ultra/pro tips

Male Hair Enhancer

The male hair enhancement is attached using a medical grade tape or adhesive. It can mask a receding hair line or male pattern baldness. Please note that healthy hair growth is required around the back and sides of the head in order for us to blend your hair enhancement so it is virtually indistinguishable. This is a non invasive semi-permanent solution. Maintenance is required every 4 weeks.

Integrated Topper

The integrated topper is fitted specifically to cover hair loss on the crown and parting area and can be worn as a more semi-permanent option. Maintenance is required every 4 weeks.

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