HD Hair Enhancements



I set out to create this business in 2017 with a vision to offer more support and hair loss solutions to people in Fife and surrounding areas.

I left school in 2000 and went straight to college to study my level 2 in hairdressing. Whilst at college, the age of 17, I noticed my hair appeared thinner and asked for tests to be done by the onsite trichologist. I was advised then that my hair was 40% lower in density around the crown and parting area and that this could be early stages of female pattern hair loss (also known as androgenic alopecia), which is commonly caused by genetics.

Fast forward 2 years, I had completed my course and was working in a salon full time.

“I always remember catching a glimpse of my hair in the mirrors I was surrounded by in the salon, the spot lights would be bouncing off my scalp and I just wanted to hide. My self esteem was at an all time low. “

At the age of 20 I made the decision to give up my hairdressing career due to feeling self conscious .

I had been working in the care sector up until 2017. Throughout the years I attended GP / dermatology appointments and it was confirmed I had androgenic alopecia that would only continue to get worse as the years went on. I spent hundreds of pounds on lotions, potions and pills unfortunately having no positive results. In 2017 I then decided to do more research looking in to various hair enhancements and after several consultations in Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Newcastle I decided to go ahead with a mesh integration system.

“I had both good and bad consultations and experiences. This is a decision you do not make lightly, and you must do your research. Unfortunately, when you are feeling so desperate to find a solution to cover up your hair loss you are in a vulnerable position and often people will take advantage, it’s sad but it’s the truth. I advise anyone looking in to any sort of hair enhancement to ask questions, ask for proof of certification? ask the duration and content of the completed course and how much training the technician has had?“

“I couldn’t be without my hair enhancement / hair extensions / weave … call it what you like, ha ha. It disguises my thinning hair and I love it! I wash it like normal, I style it, I pin it up! and best of all … I don’t obsess about my hair anymore, I don’t care and its great! I have gained back confidence and feel my quality of life has improved massively. I have turned a negative situation in to a positive one, I am now hairdressing again, specialising in hair loss solutions and helping others.”

I travelled down to London in August 2017 and completed a 5-day course. Training involved a full day of information from a trichologist and working on live models throughout. I then volunteered to work in a hair loss clinic in Motherwell, so I could gain experience.

“I don’t claim to be an expert. I am always learning and challenging myself to provide the highest standard of work and customer service. I am driven by my own experiences and I find I can empathise with people effortlessly because of my own hair loss journey. I am also driven by the transformation in people, making someone smile is worth more than any amount of money or success."

Integrity . Positivity . compassion . communication 


Helana Dalrymple